Lee Oilfield Service Ltd. has established policies and objectives to ensure quality is maintained with all services. This Quality Assurance Program sets forth the responsibilities of all personnel in complying with this system. Quality Assurance will regularly audit the services and program to ascertain its status and adequacy.

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For more information about our products and/or services, please contact us:

Lee Oilfield Service Ltd.
4604 Eleniak Road, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6B 2S1
Phone: (780) 440 - 6705
Fax: (780) 463-5570
eMail: info@leeoil.ca

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Lee Oilfield Service Ltd., having been long associated with the oil patch, is operated by personnel having over 5 decades of experience in the use of hydraulic jars under varying operating conditions. Lee Oilfield has, as a result of the need for a better product, improved the operating characteristics of the jars. This has been accomplished by modifying the original design to suit unusual operating conditions as well as establishing and implementing unique design ideas into the manufacture of jars for new applications. On this basis, Lee Oilfield has progressed to the stage of manufacturing, assembling and servicing a wide variety of jars, giving absolute control over the quality of the end product..

MANUFACTURED IN CANADA by Canadian Craftsmen

SERVICED & TESTED By Qualified Personnel

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