Lee Oilfield Service Ltd. has been supplying the Oil and Gas Industry with hydraulic jars for over five decades. As a result of the need for a better product Lee Oilfield Service has designed and developed new jarring systems to meet today's most severe jarring conditions.

Lee Oilfield Service also have available a complete line of fishing tools to catch internally or externally and interchange with the most common tools used World Wide.

Lee Oilfield is Canada's Stocking Distributor/ Manufacturer and Supplier of Downhole Fishing Tools, Casing Patches and Wireline Stripping Kits.

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The SJ type Fishing Jar is of our latest design and is manufactured from 4340 HTSR materials or better. All parts are designed to withstand the most severe jarring conditions and provide longer jarring life. When necessary we can provide exotic coatings to seal areas to extend seal life when well bore conditions are such that chrome coatings fail.
• SJ Type Fishing Jar brochure (508k pdf)


A Compounder is used to amplify your jarring load when run with a Fishing jar. The main features of a Compounder is that you achieve a harder jarring impact with less drill collar weight. In cases where you are jarring in a deep well and relying on drill pipe stretch to lift the drill collars for the upward jarring action the hole drag resists upward movement of the drill pipe reducing the jarring effect. With a Compounder all the upward movement happens between the oil jar and compounder. Also in very shallow wells a compounder is very effective because it simulates pipe stretch. In all situations when jarring with a Compounder there is very little movement on surface therefore reducing any damages to the rig and surface equipment.
• Compounder brochure (200k pdf)


The Lee Oilfield Mechanical Fishing Bumper Jar is a very effective tool for fishing purposes because we manufacture these with a stroke of up to 60''. These tools with the longer stroke are ideal for milling purposes because you can use a predetermined amount of weight below the Bumper Sub and feed off the bumper sub stroke to maintain constant weight on the mill.
• Mechanical Fishing Bumper Jar brochure (208k pdf)


The Lubracated Fishing Bumper Jar are used to provide a downward blow during fishing operations. The Lee Oilfield Lubracated Fishing Bumper Jar is manufactured from 4145 HTSR materials or better and are designed with a very rugged spline system which can be run in the open or closed position for long periods of time. The normal stroke for the Lee Oilfield Lubracated Fishing Bumper Jar is 20'' but on request we can vary the stroke length.
• Lubricated Fishing Bumper Jar brochure (204k pdf)


The Lee Oilfield Hydraulic Surface Jar is a very rugged and reliable tool. This tool is preferred by many because it is very simple to operate, being hydraulic you only pull the desired jarring load and wait for the Jar to release and free fall for 48''. To repeat the action you simply close the Jar and pull the desired amount again.
• Hydraulic Surface Jar brochure (200k pdf)


The Lee Oilfield Surface Driver is used along with the surface jar on occasions when you are stuck off bottom and not enough pipe stretch to activate a surface jar properly, or on slant rig operations when the bumping weight cannot fall efficiently to drive the fish loose. When using the Lee Oilfield Driver you energize the Driver through a distance of up to 18" depending on the amount of pull. When the surface jar releases the Surface Driver pulls the weight above it downwards accelerating the weight mass downwards creating a huge downward impact when the Surface Driver is fully closed.
• Surface Driver brochure (108k pdf)


The Lee Oilfield magnet is designed to retrieve small particles of oddly shaped pieces of metal from the bottom of a well bore which are uncatchable by means of internal or external catch tools.
• Fishing Magnets brochure (872 k pdf)


The Lee Oilfield Heavy Duty Bi-Directional jar is a hydraulic jar with a neutral position which allows the user to jar upwards or downwards in succession without going through the full cycle of the jar.
• Heavy Duty Bi-Directional Jar (532k pdf)


The Lee Oilfield Bi-Directional Compounder operates in a straight pull or push that intensifies the jarring impact created by the overpull on the coil tubing or running string. The compounder accelerates the movement of the weight between the jar and compounder, achieving a greater impact of the jar.
• Bi-Directional Compounder brochure (446k pdf)


The Lee Oilfield Service Wireline Jar works by pulling upwards, creating a momentary hydraulic delay in the oil chamber and a sudden release with a free travel which will impact in the Jar, giving an upward jarring action. The more upward pull the sooner the Jar will release and impact.
• Wireline Type Jars brochure (600k pdf)


Lee Oilfield Service Ltd. Compounders are used with Jars to give a more effective blow to your stuck point when jarring. This happens because you do not rely on the stretch of the working string to give you upward motion of the weight above the Jars for impact. Jarring effectiveness is determined by how rapidly you can impact weight into the Jars.
• Wireline Compounder brochure (600k pdf)


Lee Oilfield Hydraulic Jars are designed and manufactured for use in fishing, milling, coring, formation testing, scraping and washing over where the utmost in dependability is essential. Lee Oilfield hydraulic jars have been designed to provide maximum bore where necessary.
• Hydraulic FJ Testing Jar brochure (480 k pdf)
• Parts List - 3-5/8" OD x 1.800" ID (820 k pdf)
• Parts List - 3-7/8" OD x 1-7/8" ID (620 k pdf)

• Parts List - 5” OD x 2.300” ID (810 k pdf)